Event TR8XL Studio Monitors + S100 Subwoofer

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What an incredible monitor set to complete your studio setup! Rarely do you find the set complete with the subwoofer.

Event TR8XL Reference Monitors are intended for the studio environments that require high volume levels. These monitoring speakers use the same design as the original TR8 with powerful independent amplifiers that deliver 150W of biamplified (100W LF; 50W HF) power to each monitor. The TR8XL's amplifiers use a high-performance toroidal transformer for superior noise characteristics and have an LED power indicator. The monitors include balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs, as well as unbalanced RCA ins. 

Pair these up with the hard-to-find S100 sub to round things out. With 100 Watts of power dedicated entirely to low frequency reproduction, a speaker cabinet that features a floor-coupled design to provide maximum volume output, and a time-proven 8" Low Frequency driver that delivers clean, clear, powerful low end, the S100 brings full-range performance to this legit studio monitor system.

These monitors show some minor signs of love and use (see pics) but overall are in great shape and function perfectly. Scoop 'em up for your studio and we'll ship them out lightning fast.