Eventide H9 Max w/ Barn3 AUX9 & Tesla Tap

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The mighty H9. Jack of all trades. Master of all. This is the Max version meaning it is a fully loaded H9! Absolutely everything you'd ever need is in this box. Delays, Choruses, Phasers, Tremolos, *inhale* Pitch Shifters, Drives, Synth tones, Compressors.....damn this is a magical box.  The H9 Max is jam packed with just about every effect under the sun. Every algorithm past, present, and future that Eventide creates is yours.

This H9 is very lightly used. When you're ready to open up a universe of possibilities, pick this guy up and we'll ship it out to you swiftly and securely the next day. Includes the original box, power supply, and a sweet Tesla Tap Tempo switch! 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this pedal!