Eventide ModFactor

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Chorus? Yes. Phaser? Check. Flanger? Roger that. Filter? You betcha. Rotary? It's in there. Vibrato? Better believe it. Ring mod?? naaah....PSYCH!! It's got that too!

Loaded up with the badass modulation algorithms from the mighty minds at Eventide, the Modfactor lets you get your wobble on in the best way possible. This classic pedal (and the series it comes from) still dominates and you'll find 'em on pro boards across multiple genres. 

Also think about snagging the This1Smyne 4-button controller we have available on our store. It pairs perfectly with this pedal for some extra control. 

This unit is lightly used but still very clean and works great. It ships the next day with the original manual and power supply.