Fender Super Reverb 1971

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Classic Fender tone straight outta '71!

One of our favorite amps here at EMS, the infamous Super Reverb! This beauty from 1971 has been loved and cared for, and she's still cranking riffs and melting faces.  This Super Reverb blasts vintage tone at 45-watt tube combo complete with those legendary scooped mids tones through 4x10s. Glorious. Add to these the tried and true Fender reverb and tremolo and you have a guitar amp for the ages. Johnny Marr, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford, and Derek Trucks...can so many legends be wrong? I submit that they can not!

She's almost completely stock which we love! The speakers are the original CTS produced 10s (137 7136)! And boy do they sound heavenly. A peak inside and you'll see that the original transformers are still present and kickin' ass. The grill cloth has been changed giving it a fresh look, and the reverb pan has been changed to a 4FB2A1A (originally it would've been a 4AB3C1B...if ya wanna get nerdy). The reverb and trem sound phenomenal as does the rest of this vintage amp. 

This is a very special amp, truly. Gosh darn it, it's badass! The top shelf techs here at EMS have gone through this amp to make sure everything is clean and tight and that it's ready for stage or studio the moment it lands on your doorstep. Physically, it shows light signs of love and use consistent with its age. It'll ship out lightning fast upon payment. 

Feel free to give us a shout here at the shop with any additional questions you may have!