Fender 63 Tweed Reverb Unit (Reissue)

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Designed to match perfectly with the vintage Tweed Fender amps from the 1950s, this all-tube Reverb Unit brings some of the most lush and detailed spring reverb to ever hit your earholes.  With controls for Dwell, Mix and Tone, it's easy to dial in the perfect amount of splash and sparkle, and this classic Fender effect simply goes in line between your guitar and amp!  For guitarists who absolutely must have the real-deal sound and style of Fender’s original early-’60s reverb unit, this is it. The famous all-tube Fender Reverb unit has been a staple of virtually every surf recording and performance since the early ’60s, and blues and experimental players love it too. 

This unit is very lightly used and functions like a dream and includes the original footswitch. We ship out securely and lightning fast.