Fender Alessandro Handwired Princeton Reverb

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Damn, y'all! As if the Princeton wasn't iconic enough! This Princeton, hand wired by George Alessandro, is the Princeton you need. It's the Princeton you've been looking for. George takes production reissues and gives them the handwired treatment, making it into a truly top-shelf, boutique amp!

With his re-builds he re-utilizes many major components (e.g. Transformers, chassis, and other components) but he removes the stock PCBs, pots, and jacks and replaces them with his hand wire circuit following the original vintage specs. All new pots and components are used in the re-build. He removes and replaces the stuff that takes this from a basic mass produced amp to a vintage-inspired boutique machine. 

It's loaded up with Fender Groove Tube tubes and a 10" Celestion G10 speaker. This thing utterly rips! 

This amp is lightly used and super clean. It's ready for stage or studio right now! Grab it for your rig and we will ship it out lightning fast and fully insured!

If you have any questions about this amp, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!