Fender Bandmaster Head & Cab 1963

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This blonde beauty hailing from the early 60s has our jaws on the floor. Big classic Fender tones await inside. The classic Fender setup: Normal channel with Vol and two band EQ; Vibrato channel with Volume, EQ, lush reverb, and that pulsing trem that makes everyone in the audience stop and take notice. This blonde beauty has been outfitted with a complement of Sovtek tubes and sounds incredible.

This vintage amp shows signs of love and use and over 50s years of gigging (see pics). The badass techs here at EMS have gone through and tightened up a few internals including new filter caps, screen transistors and replace the Normal Channel Bright Switch. They also have cleaned and tightened everything to make sure it's ready for stage or studio. It sounds amazing as ever! We've got it ready to ship out lightning fast upon payment.