Fender Jaguar HH Baritone Special CIJ

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Well. Shit. 

That's how we all feel about this one. It pains me to even type a description to this beautiful low end baby, because I just want to take it home (so does everyone else at the shop).

But, if you must know, this sweet heart was part of a limited batch "Crafted" in Japan and is unfortunately no longer in production. Dressed in the usual appointments - Alder body, Maple Neck, Rosewood board..it comes loaded with custom "Dragster" humbuckers that really help bellow out that low end without getting mushy and losing clarity.

Very lightly used, there are some typical "swirling" and tiny bumps and bruises if you are looking hard enough, but this guitar is for someone who wants to play it, not hang it.

The blacked out aesthetic with the matching headstock lets you know this guitar ain't playing around. And our in house luthiers have made sure that it's playability is on par with it's looks. KILLER. 

She's got level frets and a spot-on setup and will ship lightning fast in a Tweed hardshell case. Someone buy this now so I don't. I don't need another baritone. I don't want to be a hoarder.