Fender Bassman 70 1978 (Jeff Hime modded)

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Well looky what we have here. A late 70's iteration of one of the most famous rock amps ever...but with a TON of tricks up its sleeve. Let's get into it shall we?

The mighty Bassman "70" was essentially a Bassman 50 outfitted with Fender's new (at the time) ultra linear transformers, designed to coax an extra 20 watts of clean tube power out of a pair of 6L6 tubes. You could get tons of headroom and coveted Fender cleans; or dime the Volume and get amazing grit, drive, and compression. 

But with this one, someone put it in the capable hands of Nashville amp guru, Jeff Hime. Mr. Hime has given the Bass Channel a whole new makeover and a decidedly Marshall flavor. This formally lowend side of the amp has been modded and revoiced to have a JCM 800/2204-ish growl. A Gain knob has been installed so that, in tandem with the Volume control, you can get British style tones at whatever level the situation demands. Treble and Bass controls do what you'd expect...and then on the rear panel a Mids control has been installed for this channel. Spike 'em, scoop 'em or put 'em right up the center. You have full control. The slider switch (previously the Deep switch) has been made into a Mids boost. 

Over on the right hand side, the Normal channel has been outfitted with a blackface Bassman power section (the ultra linear taps on the output transformer have been disconnected). So you can still get the 60s Fender Bassman sound when you're done crunching it out on the Marshall channel.

This head has been loaded up with a Heyboer replacement power transformer and a Marvel Electronics filter choke.  The "Output Tube Matching" pot has been reconfigured to a standard bias pot. Finally, it's been given a final BF face lift in that the original silverface panel has been replaced with a blackface one.

This is such a unique re-imagining of this classic amp. The work Hime has done on this is clean and quality components have been used (we wouldn't expect anything less from him!). Just for added measure our own amp techs have popped this amp open and insured that everything is tight and tidy and ready for stage or studio the moment you receive it.