Fender Bassman 1962 6G6-A

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Alright! There's a lot to be said about this sexy Bassman. We'll start with the basic info. It's not all original, but it fucking rips.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, if you are looking for an incredible sounding, "player grade" vintage Bassman, than my friend you are in luck. Priced at a fraction of an all original museum piece but dripping with the same mojo. 

Let's talk about the head. It was rebuilt to the original 6G6A specs by Terry "Mr. Valco" Dobbs. It has been retolexed. The power transformer IS original, the output transformer is from a '67 Bassman. The choke is not original. The majority of the circuit is original, the Mallory "blue pills" are all there, as well as a few Cornell "greenies". Most of the resistors have been replaced. It sounds huge. It sounds lovely. It sounds like a Fender Bassman because, well, that's what it is.

The cab. This baby was made to spec by the fabulous folks at Mojotone. It is currently loaded with one CTS alnico baby and one CTS ceramic baby and it sounds great. 

This amp sounds great and it's a hell of a looker. It's super clean and has recently been gone through and it is ready for stage or studio. After purchase she'll ship out swift and secure.