Fender Bassman 100 1972

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Big, loud, and clean! Just as the gods intended! This '72 Bassman is 100 Watts of "holy shit that sounds amazing!" Serial number on this bad boy is A01370. Let's get into it! 

This one has been cared for but also tricked out a little. The caps have been changed and all are testing good. The "Bass Instrument" channel's EQ section has been re-tuned for guitar (mids shifted up and Deep switch is now a Mid boost). The Phase Inverter and the Bias supply has been converted to Black panel spec. Also along the way the speaker jack was converted to a line out dummy resistor installed on the bottom of the chassis so it can be played without a speaker load for recording! 

This classic head has been serviced by our brilliant amp tech here at EMS and is ready for stage or studio! We'll take extra care to ship this head swiftly and safley.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions you may have about it as well.