Fender Bassman 100T

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The Bassman 100T is a powerful 100W tube bass amp that can handle any stage and any studio. It's packed full o' tone with a tube preamp (two 12AX7s) and power amp (one 12AT7 and four 6L6s) with a vintage channel that delivers the full, warm sound of a classic Fender passive tone stack and overdrive channel that delivers the aggressive and responsive sound of a modern active tone stack. 

The XLR output makes it great for recording. A rear-panel output power switch lets you play or record at full 100-watt power, quieter 25-watt power, or silently via internal power soak which captures the signal post-power amp. Finally it has an impedance switch (8, 4 or 2 ohms) and master volume with push/pull mute to give you full control over any gigging situation. 

This amp is super clean and lightly used. It will ship out lightning fast!