Fender Deluxe 6G3 Brownface 1962 with Road Case

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The mighty 6G3, known among many as the "mini Marshall"!

This early 60's brown beauty fills the tonal void between the Tweed Deluxe and the blackface Deluxe Reverb, Higher headroom than the tweed, but thicker and crunchier than the blackface.

This amp loves to be pushed. You might need some ear plugs, but boy once you get this thing up to cruising altitude, it breaks up into the sweetest overdrive you've ever imagined.

This amp has of course seen plenty of use in its over 60 years of life, but it is in remarkably good condition! Over the years it has received the usual maintenance and repairs that you would expect to see from an amp of its age. The original 2-prong AC cord was replaced with a safer 3 prong cord, the original output transformer has been replaced with a Mercury Magnetics FBDO, filter caps have been replaced, the original leather handle was replaced, and the original speaker was replaced at some point with a 1963 Jensen C12N.

Our expert amp tech here at EMS has gone through this amp to ensure that it has a clean bill of health, and is ready to hit the stage or studio the second you purchase this bad boy! It also comes with a custom fitted road case, so you can travel with confidence that it'll arrive safely to its destination!

We'd prefer not to ship this amp, but if you've just gotta have it, hit us up and we'll see if we can work something out. Give us a call here at the shop if you've got any additional questions about this amp!