Fender Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Heritage Softail Stratocaster

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Limited Edition collaboration between Fender and motorcycle giants, Harley-Davidson.

There were a small batch made of each popular Harley model for the 100th Anniversary of the motorcycle company. 

This is the model for the Heritage Softail Classic. It sports a beautiful custom pinstripe paintjob and chrome "lipstick" style single coils. In addition to the badged emblems there are numerous engraved details all over the front and back of this guitar. 

Looks sick! And would ya believe it actually sounds cool as hell too! 

We're pretty blown away by how clean it is, especially for being almost 20 years old! It lived it's life in a humidity controlled display case, the frets are level and the setup is spot on. We'll ship it our next day with it's matching gator-skin hardshell case.