Fender Jazz Bass Fretless MIM 2002 Agave Blue

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Ever played a jazz bass and thought, "man, this would be a lot cooler without all those pesky frets getting in my way"? Well you're in luck! With this agave blue beauty you can make Jaco proud as you slip and slide up and down that neck unencumbered by factory temperament.

Sporting a comfortable "C" profile with a thickness of 0.815" at the 1st fret and 0930" at the 12th, the maple neck on this bass is complemented with a fretless 9.5" radius rosewood fret(less)board and a nut with of 1.5". 

This bass has been used, but very lightly so. If you look closely you'll see a small ding on the side of the body down near the output jack, and some very slight swirling in the finish, but other than that this thing is damn near spotless! And fretless to boot! 

Like all instruments here at Eastside, our expert luthiers have given it a fresh setup to ensure that it plays to the best of its abilities, with low easy action and level fre... well I mean, no frets. We'll ship it to you super fast and super safe in its tweed hardshell case! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!