Fender Musicmaster Bass Olympic White 1970

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The Musicmaster started as a stripped down version of the Mustang. But now these short scale babies have taken on a history of their own.

This particular one was made in 1970, and its original Olympic White finish has aged absolutely beautifully over the years. The color may have changed, but all the original specs are still there. Alder body, maple neck (0.831"-0.983"), rosewood fretboard (7.25" radius), 1.591" nut width, even the original single coil pickup.

This bass shows some obvious playwear, unsurprising given its age. 50 plus years of use tends to yield a few drops, dings and scratches. In the spirit of full disclosure, the neck has a bit of a hump and kickup starting at the body, so it gets pretty splatty up past the 12th fret. However, our techs here have given it a fresh setup and made sure that it plays to the best of its potential. We also note that this thing could probably use a refret at some point in the future. We don't make it a practice of selling instruments that need additional work, but with vintage gear we like to retain as much of the instrument's original integrity as possible, giving the buyer the choice whether or not to have the work done.

We'll ship this vintage shortscale bad boy to you super fast and super safe in its hardshell case. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!