Fender Mustang 1994 MIJ

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"They don't make 'em like they used to"

That could be said for a lot of things, not that Fender is making as many mistakes as Gibson is, but there is definitely some secret sauce on the MIJ Fenders. 


'94 is Lace Sensor loaded and has a perfect feeling neck. Classic oversize headstock. 

Alder body with a rosewood board, this Sonic Blue baby weighs 6.3 lbs and is going to make someone a real happy camper.

Here's some nerdy specs for all those who care.

Nut width - 1 9/16

Radius - 7.25 

She just got a fret level and feels sooooooo nice....want to touch the hiney....


Ships next day with a Fender hardshell case.