Fender Pro Jr IV Tweed Limited Edition

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The modern tweed Fenders are some of the best little powerhouse amps being produced. Gig-worthy, road-worthy. They look freakin' sweet too. And the sound...it's 100% Fender. This 15 watt tweed Pro Jr IV doesn't wanna complicate things. Keep it simple, stupid. Two knobs and the truth. It's loaded up with a 10" Jensen speaker that brings forth the sweet EL84 tone this series is known for. 

The version IV has a nice gradual breakup and better bass response than its predecessors. It's controls don't get in the way: Volume and Tone. Done. 

This amp is super clean, lightly used and ready for stage or studio. It shows only minor signs of exterior wear. It works and sounds great. It'll ship out to you swiftly and safely.