Fender Starcaster 2015

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Boy, do we love ourselves a Starcaster. This funky semi-hollow guitar first appeared in the 70s as an alternative to the Gibson's ES guitars, but it has become an icon in its own right. This brilliant reissue is clean and classy. It's loaded up Fender's Wide Range Humbuckers which are warm and articulate, and can get gnarly when pushing an amp or pedal. But they still maintain a clarity that cuts and sounds amazing. It has standard wiring for a dual pickup guitar: 3-way toggle, and independent Volumes and Tones for each pickup. Cool ebony finish, and fast and comfy maple neck, and that tell-tale headstock. Damn we love this guitar!

It is very clean overall and shows only minor surface level scratches and very minor swirl on the back of the body. There is a small finish crack inside the upper cutaway (see pics), but it doesn't go any deeper than the poly finish.

The luthiers here at EMS have given this baby a full fret dress and setup to insure that it arrives to you with level frets and zero issues. It's ready for stage or studio the moment you have it in your hands. It will ship out the next day in the included Gator case.