Fender American Original '60s Stratocaster 2018

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 Not many of us will ever get to own a true vintage Strat from the golden years. But praise be to the rock gods, our friends at Fender created the American Original series to bring us closer to the sounds we love. The American Original 60's Strat presents us with the refinements Leo and company made to the Strat during the 60s: mint green guard, thick C neck (.832"-.969"), rosewood fingerboard (9.5" radius). This Olympic White beauty has all of this and more. Crafted from an alder body with a maple neck, it is loaded up with a set of Fralin Vintage Hot single coils that give ya the classic Strat tone with some extra ball (N: 5.98k, M:5.97k, B: 6.46k). 

This jaw-dropping guitar shows light signs of love and use. There's some buckle rash, finish chip near the neck plate, a few dings around the edges. But none of these take away from the playability or mojo of this amazing guitar. It plays like a dream thanks to the badass luthiers here at EMS who've given this gal a full setup. They've insured that it arrives to you with level frets and zero issues. 

It will be packed securely and safely, and shipped out the next day with a Fender gig bag.