MJT/Fender Telecaster Olympic White Heavy Relic 2021

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Sweet little relic'ed partscaster comprised of an MJT Olympic White body and a Fender MIM neck. 

The electronics and controls here are what you would expect from a standard Tele. Three-way pickup selector, one volume, one tone. The two stock single coil pickups measure 7.31k output on the neck, and 6.14k from the bridge. It's got a Wilkinson bridge, with three compensated brass saddles, for the most classic twang imaginable.

The "oval C" neck profile with 9.5" radius is very comfortable to play, and has a feel that most players will certainly get along with. Somewhere in between a matte and gloss finish, this neck has a little bit of shine to it, but none of the plastic-y tacky feeling you sometimes find on a glossy neck. And if that doesn't beat all--it's Roasted Maple, which really ties the whole vibe of this Tele together, if I may say so. The neck measures .869" at the first fret and .912" at the twelfth, with a 1.65" nut width. 

There's just something about this guitar that feels like home. You haven't held it in your hands yet, but maybe you get the sensation that you already have.

Snag this sweet Telecaster and we'll ensure that it ships safely and securely in its Fender gig bag. With a fresh setup from one of our brilliant luthiers, it's shred-ready for stage or studio. Feel free to give us a call here at the shop if you have any questions about it, so you can buy with confidence!