Fender Telecaster Thinline Sunburst 1974

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Damn near half a century old and still rockin! This Thinline Tele has seen its fair share of gigs, and it's got the battle scars to prove it, but it's still full of life and ready for many more gigs to come.

There's something special five decades of playing that is imparted into a guitar that just can't be matched. You can go out and buy the sweetest 70's reissue tele with a top notch relic job, but you can't turn back time.

This guy has all the OG specs that the reissues are modeled after. Alder body, maple C-shape neck, 0.839"-0.917" thickness, 7.25" radius maple fretboard, 1.65" nut width. All the electronics are original, including those incredible wide-range humbuckers, rated at 10.18k in the neck and 10.48k in the bridge.

As you would expect from an instrument of this age, it has seen a fair amount of work to continue to play to the best of its ability. At some point in its life it received a refret, and we believe the neck may have been refinished around the same time. It has also received a new nut, pickguard, and the output jack cup was replaced with a flat plate mount. The A and high E tuners are a little bit but still turn and tune.

Like all guitars at EMS, our master luthiers have given it a fresh setup to ensure that it plays like the dream that it is, with easy action, level frets, and spot-on intonation. We'll ship it to you packed snug and safe in its original hardshell case.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this guitar or any of our gear!