Fender FSR Traditional II 60's Jaguar MIJ 2022

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Here's a special tone beast that has it all where it counts. Rock, indie, and punky players, get ready to be stoked!

This unique FSR 60's style Jag comes to us from the land of the rising sun! Crafted from alder with a sweet, sweet maple neck (.849"-.878") that sports a 60's "C" profile! The rosewood fingerboard has a 9.5" radius. Very comfy, very playable. The nut measures in at 1.57". This ol' bird has some tricks up both sleeves. More on that later!

Loaded with Lollar Jaguar pickups, that provide top of the line clarity in a mix (and sounds beautiful on its own!).  The onboard controls give you a master Volume and master Tone. On the lower bout you get a trio of switches for Mid-Tone cut, Bridge pickup selector, and Neck pickup selector. 

Up top you get a slider switch to engage the rhythm circuit with rollers for rhythm circuit Volume and Tone. 

Now for the interesting stuff! The original production of this MIJ guitar featured gold hardware. Some wise soul swapped it all over to chrome: tuners, bridge, plates, everything! This thing really looks stunning this way. The tuners are Klusons. The goodies don't stop there. It's been outfitted with a Mastery bridge and tremolo, which is a no-brainer for offset Fenders. The Mastery bridge hardware adds a stability to these guitars that make it the ultimate offset player! A Jaguar mute assembly has also been installed on the bridge. I mean, what else could you want?

These upgrades make this an absolutely sick guitar!

The pro techs here at EMS a full setup with fretwork to ensure that it arrives to you with level frets and zero issues, ready for stage or studio. It will ship out the next day with the included Fender gig bag. 

If you have any questions about this guitar, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!