Fender Troy Van Leeuwen Signature Jazzmaster

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Troy Van Leeuwen has contributed deftly textural guitar work and atmospherics to some of alt-rock's most acclaimed and forward-thinking bands. From Failure to A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Puscifer and others, Van Leeuwen's multi-instrumental expertise has given color and power to some of the most creative and popular rock music of the last three decades.

With personalized features including custom color finishes, special switching and an upgraded bridge – the Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster is as distinctive as the sounds he wrings from it.



One of the major upgrades Troy Van Leeuwen added to his signature Jazzmaster is a 2-way toggle switch instead of the traditional slider used to select between the lead and rhythm tone circuits. If you aren't already familiar with the Fender Jazzmaster, it actually lets you set two completely different tone and volume settings, one with the knobs and another with the recessed wheels above the strings. Thanks to the Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster's toggle switch, changing between these two settings on the fly couldn't be simpler. And if you're into tweaking your tone on the fly, then you're going to love these super-grippable witch hat control knobs for your primary tone setting.

What could possibly improve the action of a Jazzmaster? How about a Mustang bridge to go with that locking Jazzmaster? That's exactly what Troy Van Leeuwen chose for his own signature Jazzmaster. Cooler still, those saddles are actually made of brass, so you get seriously extended sustain. Add to that a smooth-playing bound rosewood fingerboard with a tighter 7.25" radius, and you've got one easy-playing guitar.

This guitar is MINT and will ship next day with the included Fender hardshell case.