Fender Tweed Bassman '59 Reissue 1990

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The 90s gave us so much: Grunge, slap bracelets, this badass Bassman reissue!


Being that the tweed Bassman is one of the best amps ever made, you already know what this amp can do. This old road dog has seen some gigs and it doesn't even flinch. Keeps on cranking out tone. It sounds amazing at all volume levels, whether you're running low to keep the sound guy happy, or going full tilt tweed tone. 

This one came into being in 1990, when Fender began producing these incredible reissues that put the modern RI's to shame. This one has been completely serviced right here at EMS and it sounds incredible! It is outfitted with a complement of Tung-Sol power and preamp tubes with a JJ in the rectifier position. All that 50's tone is pumped through a quad of blue AlNico 10" speakers. 

This amp has signs of love and use and has seen some action in his day but it still functions perfectly. It has been tested and it's ready for stage or studio. Grab it for your rig and we'll ship out lightning faster.