Fender '57 Low Power Tweed Twin Reissue 5E8A

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Not all of us can get our hands on a vintage tweed twin. But there ain't no shame in a lil' reissue action! It could be your gateway to vintage tweed tone.

The '57 Custom Twin-Amp replicates the original so-called "low-powered" tweed Twin platform, coveted for its sweet, singing tone and highly responsive dynamics.

This responsive handwired amp generates clear tone with a bit of "hair" to bring out the expressiveness and nuances of your playing. Robust and powerful, this pedal-friendly performer offers near-limitless tone-shaping possibilities.

Ok, we are all gear nerds here so let's talk some nerdy specs!

The '57 Twin reissue includes classic 5E8A circuit with Fender Pure Vintage yellow capacitors, two 12AY7 preamp tubes and Mercury Magnetics transformers and two newly designed 12” Eminence Special Design Alnico speakers. In other words, it's chock full 'o the good shit.

This amazing reissue is VERY lightly used, super clean and ready for stage or studio. It even comes with the handy dandy included slip cover. The pro techs here at EMS have gone over this amp to ensure that everything is clean, tight, and sounding right. 

We won't be shipping this fella, but isn't it time you come and visit us in Nashville? Gab your best bud, hop in the car and come see us (and this amp!). 

If you have any questions about this combo give us a shout here at the shop!