Fender Twin Reverb 1970

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Glassy, classy, and a lil' bit sassy!

We all know that the SF Fenders tend to have a "cleaner" rep than their blackface brothers, and this '70 fella has headroom for dayz. 

I ain't gonna break down a detailed description. You know what this baby can do. I'll tell ya this, it's definitely seen some action and shows plenty of signs of love and use. But inside it's as ready and rearin' to go as ever. It comes with a really nice tour case to protect it for the foreseeable future. 

It's loaded with a complement of JJ Tubes and the original speakers! The speakers are perfectly broken in and sound sweeeeet. It also includes the footswitch (hot damn!).

Don't wanna ship it, but we will if we gotta....if that what it takes to make your rock n roll dreams come true.