Fender Twin Reverb 1973 SF w/roadcase

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Glassy and classy, this baby is nice!!

Early Silverface Fenders tend to have a "cleaner" rep than their blackface brothers, but man this '73 has the legendary spank.

Do you need a detailed description? Ya ain't gonna find one here. I'll tell ya this, it's in pretty dang good shape, a little bit of wear and tear as you'd expect, thats what the photos are for! It's loaded with a complimentary pair of Ted Weber speakers, and JJ tubes. It's spent some of it's past life as a road warrior, so lucky for you it comes with a really nice tour case to protect it for the foreseeable future.

This Twin Reverb has a clean bill of health and is ready to bring the noise for the boys. (and girls, "boys" just rhymed..) 

Don't wanna ship it, but we will if we gotta....