Fender Vibro Champ 1966

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Great playing and looking blackface Vibro-Champ from 1966! If you've never been a part of the Champ club, let this be your initiation. The Vibro-Champ is the perfect practice or studio companion. It's hard to get a bad sound outta one, especially this sweet 60's fella. Crank it up for classic breakup, or clean it up with your guitar's volume. And that beautiful tube tremolo...oh em gee!

The original two-prong cable has been replaced with a safer 3-prong AC cord. This amp has a great compliment of old stock tubes with plenty of life left on them. It has been recapped and received an added resistor to help prolong the tube life and avoid running too hot, as many Vibro Champs are prone to do. Plus the transformers and speaker are all original!

This amp is in great condition for a piece of gear of any age, but considering its near 60 years of rocking, this amp is CLEAN. The badass techs here at EMS have gone through this amp and all agree: this thing is a pristine lil' vintage gem that is no where near ready to retire. This great little amp will be packed carefully and shipped to your door safely and swiftly! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!