Funtion F(x) Accufunkture Envelope Filter

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The Accufunkture is an envelope-controlled filter effect (auto-wah or envelope filter). It started with the classic Mutron Micro V circuit, and the folks at Function added the features they thought modern music makers deserved. On top of that, it is built with only new-production components, thus avoiding the drama related to shortages of hard-to-find, vintage, or esoteric parts. The net result is a responsive, highly configurable envelope filter made for today’s artist.

The Accufunkture envelope filter sports Sensitivity, Decay, and Attack controls that tune the envelope, as well as a Hi/Lo switch that adjust the corner frequency of the filter.

This pedal is lightly used, and we'll ship it lightning fast in its original box! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this pedal!