FuzzHugger Ab-synth

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Sizzling overdriven fuzz, with hints of octave, adjusts from thick to splattery.

Step on the oscillation foot switch for runaway oscillation madness, glitch, self-arpeggio, filtery tones, and octave down. You can also play over the oscillation, with noise jumping in-between the notes, or sustain and let it slowly collapse into oscillation again.

I've made a couple tweaks to improve control sweeps and more intuitive access to various oscillation tones.


• Self-oscillation is runaway noise. Please understand what you're getting yourself into.

• Oscillation will be different on every guitar and pickup selection. Designed, demoed, and described using offsets with 1M pots.

• Not compatible with active pickups, not for use after buffered pedals.

• 9-18v DC center-negative adapter only (no batteries).


This cantankerous fuzz is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this pedal.