Fuzzlord HM-6

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A brutally amazing tribute to the mighty HM-2, this dark creation from Fuzzlord takes that well-known, well-loved effect to further depths of metal mayhem. A powerful +/- 20dB 3 band EQ makes it possible to cut through the mix while still retaining the ability to chug through riffs and leads. The gyrator based active EQ has been finely sculpted to work well with bass guitars and low guitar tunings and can be used in many different styles of heavy music.

Controls are: 

V: Adjust the overall output volume

G: Adjust the amount of gain/saturation

C: Clean Blend

B: Bass boost/cut

M: Mid boost/cut

T: Treble boost/cut

This badass pedal absolutely rips! It is very lightly used and sounds incredible. It ships the next day so you can start melting faces ASAP!