Gibson ES-125 Burst 1950's

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If guitars could talk, oh the stories this one could probably tell... Damn near seventy years of music history in this gorgeous archtop here.

This guitar may not be able to talk, but boy can she SING. You can build a guitar out of any kind of wood imaginable, but nothing quite matches the resonance that over half a century imparts to an instrument. Not only is the resonance on this thing immaculate, that mahogany C-profile neck feels like a dream in the hands. Measuring 0.925" at the 1st fret and 1.04" at the 12th, with a 10" radius and 1.682" nut width, it has some heft, but never gets in your way.

Everything on this guitar is original. From the single P90 in the neck, to the volume and tone pots, even down to the frets. Speaking of which, let's talk about the frets. In order to play the best this guitar possibly can, she's gonna need a refret at some point, which is not surprising given the age. We try not to make it a practice here letting guitars out the door needing additional work, but we wanted to retain every ounce of this guitar's original integrity. In addition to the frets, the G tuner is slightly bent, but still functions. 

Our techs here at EMS have given this guitar a fresh setup, and ensured that it plays to its best potential with the old frets. It's not every day you get to step in a time machine, but picking this guitar up sure feels like rewinding the clock. Grab yourself a little piece of history. We'll ship it to you super safe and super fast in its hardshell case.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this guitar!