Gibson ES-330 ES30VBNH1 VOS 2012

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Goodness gracious. What a beauty! This VOS Gibson pays homage to the ES-330s of yesteryear (namely, the late 50s), right down to the Vintage Sunburst finish. It's loaded with Gibson stock P-90s and sports two volume controls, two tone controls, and a 3-way pickup selector, just like the Good Lord intended. As you can probably tell from the photos, this guitar has some minimal playwear, with a few minor scuffs and scratches--a clear indicator that it hasn't lived its life in a case, which is a good thing! Worthy of playing hands, the neck is a classic C shape, reminiscent of those found on 330s circa '58. Don't be surprised when you find that your fingers effortlessly float around the fretboard. We'll certainly be sad to see this one go.

Some additional specs:

  • Neck thickness (1st and 12th): 0.894" and 1.019"
  • Radius: 12"
  • Nut width: 1.692"
  • Pickup ratings: Neck - 7k, Bridge - 7.1k

This guitar has been thoroughly looked over and given a fresh fret level and setup by one of our illustrious techs here at EMS. It'll ship safely and ready for stage or studio in the original Gibson hardshell case!