Gibson Goldtone GA-15 2000

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 A rippin' little low watt beast from the turn of the century, these sweet amps are not as available near as much as they used to be.  

Developed by Trace Elliot as the Velocette series, and renamed after Gibson bought up the company in 1998, the Goldtone series included this bare-bones kickass GA-15. It's based on a 15-watt Class A circuit powered by EL-84 tubes, and comes attired in soft brown leatherette with gold hardware. The GA-15 is a lotta amp in a wee package.  Fifteen watts that gets loud with loads of headroom (this lil' sidekick loves pedals which makes us happy)!

Flip this puppy around, for all the controls are on its lovely backside. Power switch, Tone control, Volume control, Bright switch, the end. Simple like the gods intened. If you’re a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of player, then you’ll understand all the praise the Gibson Goldtone series receives to this day.

This unit is lightly used with some wear and tear on the tolex but sounds incredible and will make someone VERY happy.

 Don't sleep on this one. If you have any questions about this amp or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop.