Gibson J-160E 1965

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One of Gibson's early attempts at a production acoustic-electric guitar, the J-160e was a round-shouldered dreadnought with a single-coil pickup installed at the end of the fingerboard. This baby features two control knobs, a Mahogany body, 3-ply laminated top and Rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays. 

It's a beautiful guitar but it's seen it's pretty dang good condition cosmetically. The pickup sounds great and it feels really good in your hands. Acoustically it is loud and a bit more percussive than most Gibsons that come through.

Now for the not so good news...We're not the kind of shop to bullshit anyone, and there are a few reasons why this guitar is priced the way it is. The bridge is starting to pull the top of the guitar up a little bit. This is something that will eventually need to be addressed. As it currently stands, it plays wonderfully, it just has higher action that we prefer when you get up to the 12th fret. Please be aware that our standards here at Eastside Music Supply are stupid high and most shops probably wouldn't care or even mention this. We do not typically deal in guitars that knowingly will need work after they've left our shop, this one is an exception. It sounds incredible and feels great, we just want to be forthcoming about it's condition, which is also why we've priced this guitar shy of $4k instead of the $6-7k that they typically sell for. We'll pack it safe and ship it with a gig bag promptly upon purchase!

Feel free to call us if ya got any questions.