Gibson Les Paul Recording II Reissue 2013

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Not as well known as the LP Standard and Deluxe, the Recording was particularly favored by Les Paul himself. This modern reissue takes cues from the original with a few extra tricks!

Crafted completely from mahogany with a distinctive walnut finish, it features a D profile neck (.815"-1.012") with a 12" radius. The neck has some slight heft to it but feels nice in the hand. Definitely not a baseball bat. The nut measures in at 1.65".

And let's talk electronics! This joker has got switches. And more switches. Lots of tones available here. The two angled low impedance pickups (N: 5.10k, B: 5.17k) are controlled with the two Volumes and two Tones. The series of slider switches open up a Pandora's box of options. It features a lo-Z/hi-Z toggle for changing the output impedance, handled by a Jensen transformer. You can connect directly to a microphone preamplifier in lo-Z mode, or connect to your favorite amplifier in hi-Z mode.

With switchable phase and coil tapping, you've got a lot of range with the Les Paul Recording II. There's even a ground lift switch to help reduce ground noise when you're using both the hi-Z and lo-Z outputs. And speaking of reducing noise, the pickups are reverse wound/reverse polarity, so the single-coil mode is hum-canceling when in the center pickup position.

This hefty dad weighs in at 10.7 lbs. Just as Les intended. 

Physically, this Les Paul Recording is in very good condition. There are signs of playwear and use to be seen. The worst of it is along the back edge of the body where you can see some sizable dings in the finish and binding. There are a couple of light surface-level dents in the clear coat above the Bigsby and on the back. And finally there is some scuffing in the clear cut on the back of the neck that is difficult to see, but you can feel it when you play (though it doesn't hinder playability!).

It will ship the next day with the included soft case. 

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