Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom 2007 Silverburst

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The LP Classic Custom pays homage to the look and feel of the legendary Les Paul Custom. But this stunning silver beauty has more going on than meets the eye. Read on!

In 2007 Gibson had a "Guitar of the Week" series, producing limited batches of sweet axes and debuting them weekly. This guitar is from week 16 and there were only 400 produced. It will absolutely continue to increase in value!

Constructed from mahogany with a maple top and ebony fingerboard (12" radius), it has a slim taper (.810-.885) neck along with some amazing multi-level binding as found on the Customs. 

Now this is where is gets interesting: all of that classic tone is thanks to the Seymour Duncan SH5 Custom humbucker in the bridge and an original Gibson humbucker from 1980 in the neck position. These things sound amazing together. In the control cavity you'll find more goodies. The techs here at EMS have completely rewired with high quality Emerson Pro CTS pots and Emerson bumblebee caps. It doesn't get more Grade A than that, ya'll! 

Overall it shows signs of love. There's pick wear on the front and buckle rash and surface-level scratches on the back (see pics). 

The kickass luthiers here at EMS have also given this girl a full fret level and setup so that it plays better than the day she rolled off the line. It is absolutely ready for stage or studio the moment it arrives at your door. It includes the original Gibson USA hardshell case, and we ship swiftly and safely the next day.