Gibson Memphis ES-335 Trent Reznor Custom ES-333 NIN 2013

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Really cool one here with a hell of a backstory, follow along.

In 2013, prior to the Nine Inch Nails Tension tour, Trent Reznor had Gibson build him a grip of custom modified ES-335 Studios for his tour in Midnight Blue and Black. These guitars were chambered 335s with one pickup, volume and tone pots. Trent wanted an additional pickup and no knobs, just switches, Gibson said "No problem". The original SKU for this guitar was ES-333NIN. As tour took off Gibson got the call for a couple more of these to be made, as Reznor was known to take his frustration out on LED screens and monitors using his axe as a hammer. So Gibson built a small back stock to be on standby, ready for another "hey we need more" call, that call never came. Reznor went on to use this model for the duration of the Tension tour and also the following Hesitation Marks tour. 

This here lone survivor, was waiting at the factory with Gibsons Artist Relations. It lived in it's case for years until it crept out at an employee sale. It managed to make our way to us and we can assure you, this guitar was built like the best of em. Custom Shop quality with an incredible feeling neck. 2 Dirty Fingers humbuckers that scream. Chambered body with a ton of resonance, but no f-holes, as to reduce feedback on stage. We've opted to keep the two 3-way switches (one - off-off-on, the other - neck, both, bridge) cause that's how Trent wanted it. Tortoise truss rod cover and original Gibson hardshell case.

It's a great guitar regardless of it's backstory, but this is kind of tip-top for a collector or Nine Inch Nails fan. Apparently they were going to produce a Signature guitar for him, a similar guitar but with a diamond shaped f-hole, knobs instead of switches and a 3-way pickup selector, but that never happened. There are a few of those floating around and that's cool, but this is what he played and that's really fucking cool.

The guitar is super clean which makes the photos reflect everything in the room. It also makes the dust specs look like paint chips. There is some slight swirling in the finish, but no scratches, dings or dents. It just got a fresh fret level, crown and polish and is ready for stage or studio.

Feel free to ask any additional questions. It has level frets and is setup swimmingly. It will ship lightning fast and fully insured in the OHSC.