Gibson Vintage Blonde SJ-200 1952

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This is a fine piece of kit here. The SJ-200 has long been one Gibson's strongest creations to date, and for good reason. This one from 1952 just sounds like what an acoustic guitar is supposed to sound like. It plays the same. Smooth and buttery. This guitar is a flat out joy to play and very easy on the eyes (that flame and that stinger....ooohhhh yeahhh)

First off, let's get this out of the way. This is NOT a museum piece. It's a player, and a damn fine one at that. It's had the necessary repairs that any guitar that is 50+ years old needs. Of course, with any guitar this old, there is going to be some work either needing to be done, or done already. And this one has had it all done. All tip top and solid work. Let's chat about it shall we?

First is the most obvious, the top seam. There was a crack but it has been splined appropriately and there is zero separation. No cleats, no excess glue, no crappy work. Next there is a few tiny spots on the board where there was some chip out, which leads us to believe that there have been a few frets replaced. Again, clean work, the nibs have been left and the job is clean. Unless you are a luthier or a super guitar nerd, you probably wouldn't have even noticed. The pickguard is a replacement from a 1955. The usual suspects of a guitar this age have been done and done well. Bridge re-glue, and neck set. All great work and will save you time and money in the long run as you won't have to get these necessary repairs done yourself!

There's really not much else to say about this guitar. It is what it is and if you are in the market than I'm sure you know enough about them as it it. It is setup perfectly and plays all the way up the board with no splatty notes in sight. We take pride in our transparency at EMS. This guitar is exactly as described and it will deliver the boom-boom to a happy camper that decides to pull the trigger. 

Now, let's chat about THAT. Are you that potential happy camper? Maybe so!

Maybe you're more of the type to shoot low ball offers and kick tires?

Just a heads up. We're not desperate, we're not going to entertain garbage offers. We are well aware of what we have and the current market for this guitar. Thanks!

It will ship fully insured and secure with the photoed case.


Now, back to drooling.....