Gronlund #060 Hollowbody

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Built completely by hand by Thomas Greene on the Maine coast, Gronlund guitars are among the pinnacles of guitar craftsmanship.  We are absolutely stunned by this kickass, handcrafted masterpiece. Kinda has some Ric vibes, don't ya think?

There's plenty about this guitar thats unique and make it unlike any other, but let's start with the basics. Crafted from maple, this semi-hollow beauty has a comfy and fast C profile neck with a 12" radius rosewood fingerboard (.821"-934"). It has a nut width measuring 1.707" and is crafted with a 24 7/8" scale length.

The electronics is where this one starts to get interesting. The resonant natural tone is pumped through a pair of Arcane humbuckers with cool, aged gold foil covers (N: 7.27K, B: 8.26k) which give tons of clarity and bite and will hit the front of your amp just right (but still with a classic humbucker tone).  The onboard controls consist of a Volume for each pickup and a master Tone. The second Volume pot is a push-pull boost that gives you a nice volume bumped when pulled out (the back plate features a trim pot to set the boost volume...whaaaaa??). It doesn't stop there. Two mini toggle switches give you coil splitting capability for each pickup so there's no excuse for not getting the tone you want outta this guitar. And of course you have a 3 way toggle up top to switch between the humbuckers. 

Aesthetically it is outfitted with custom cut brass hardware for the back plates, pickguard and truss rod cover which pair nicely with the gold bridge and vintage "Kay" tailpiece. The tuners are authentic vintage Grovers (an amazingly valuable upgrade) that are perfectly and naturally aged and hold tune amazingly. The guitar weighs in at 9.06lbs.

From top to bottom, this guitar is not only unlike any other on the market, but it is unlike any other Gronlund you'll find. Beautiful craftsmanship, top shelf components and appointments, boutique tone...get after it! This guitar is your next #1. Trust me. 

The badass luthiers here at EMS have gone through and given this guitar a full setup and have insured that it ships to you with level frets and zero issues. They've loaded it up with a fresh 9V battery (for the boost) and it is ready for stage or studio the moment it's in your hands. It'll ship the next day in the included Mono softshell case.