Guild Maverick Guitar Amp 1971

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The Maverick is an absolute sleeper! Anyone who loves low wattage amps with warm, early breakup is gonna be in heaven with this one. The Maverick creates this unique sound with the uncommon tube complement of a pair of 7591A power tubes along with a pair of 12AX7s, a 6GW8, and a 7247. Yeah. Not what you see everyday. But trust us: this 2x10 tone machine rips!

It has a 3-way tone switch that increases gain and adds some upper end chime: almost like a treble boost. The reverb is sweet and spacious and the tremolo pulsing and satisfying. 

One of the original speakers has been swapped for a Jenson Mod Series. Everything functions and sounds great. Physically it's in very good shape given its age. One of the four feet on the bottom has broken but it still is stable. 

This amp is ready and rearing to go. We ship out lightning fast!