Guild Thunderbass 1960's

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Listen to that thunder roll! This badass amp head has been rumbling since the late 60's and is begging to be plugged in. 

Much like the Fender Bassman, these amps were originally intended to be used as bass amplifiers, but later became highly coveted by guitar players for their high wattage and supreme low end. This unsung hero packs in 50 Watts of power to keep up with any drummer live, give you plenty of headroom, or just to melt faces. Whatever you need, Thunder Bass has got you!

The power supply has been rebuilt (caps and resistors replaced) and a 3-prong plug added, bringing this vintage bad boy into the 21st century. Overall, inside and out, this guy has playwear and aging consistent with an amp that's 60 years old. This is all cosmetic because this amp works great and is an absolute workhorse. 

The pro techs here EMS have gone through this amp to insure everything is working great and ready for stage or studio. It will ship out, packed securely, upon payment. 

If you have questions about this amp or any of our gear, please give us a shout here at the shop!