Harmony H15 Silhouette/Bobkat

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These cool vintage Harmony guitars are becoming more and more popular with modern players, and with good reason. With a super thick "baseball bat" neck profile and two vintage DeArmond Gold foil pickups, and weighing in under 6lbs, what's not to love about this garage rock machine? This model was first called the Silhouette from its debut in 1963 until 1968, when it was renamed the Bobkat. 

Electronics include a 3 way toggle switch, 2 volume knobs, 2 two knobs, and of course, 2 amazing sounding gold foil DeArmond pickups (10.77k neck, 10.75k bridge). These pickups are fairly warm for single coils, and they really growl with nice articulation when driven hard.

The neck measures 1.006" thick at the first fret and 1.024" at the 12th. The super thick neck on this one feels very resonant and easy to play thanks to it's short scale length, and a flawless setup by our world class techs. This sunburst beauty will arrive with perfect intonation and all notes ringing out clearly up and down the neck. Ready for stage or studio.

A couple of character marks have been acquired, none of which affect the playability or stability of this absolute vibe machine. There's a small drill hole on the backside near the control cavity, the "tip" of the pickguard is missing by the upper horn, and there's a finish line visible on the headstock. It's also got the obvious dings and surface scratches you might expect for a guitar of this age. Ships with a nice padded gig bag.

Please call us directly if you have any additional questions about this Harmony guitar.