Harmony H19 Silhouette (Upgraded)

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These low budget guitars, overlooked for decades have made a kickass comeback and shown they can hang with the big dogs in terms of longevity, playability and badassery. The H19 is the most elaborately appointed model in Harmony's Silhouette line and this one has all of the features that make it a timeless guitar. Especially for players who want something off the beaten path. And this one has a few upgrades that make it hard to beat. Let's talk specs, shall we...?

Crafted from maple, the H19 has sweet offset body shape, along with a bound maple fretboard with block inlays (.923"-.943") with a comfy and playable 10" radius. The neck has a slightly larger-than-normal "C" profile. The nut measures at 45.25mm. Harmony's stock vibrato system (similar to those found on some vintage Guild solid bodies) has been made even better with the addition of a Mastery bridge. This gives this guitar top notch vibrato stability and the ability to dial in the intonation just right. This upgrade alone puts this guitar above the average H19. 

But that ain't all. Let's talk pickups. The original pickups have been upgraded with a pair MojoTone UK gold foils (based on the Rowe / DeArmond pickups) that absolutely sing (N: 5.21k, B: 5.79k)! 

And of course, the elephant in the room: this lil' beast was given a refin in black at some point. Thanks to many hours of love and play, some of that black finish has come off revealing the color underneath in a cool way. It shows playwear overall. And you'll add even more because this thing is hard to put down!

The badass luthiers here at EMS have given her a full setup and gone over everything to make sure it arrives to you with level frets and zero issues! It ships the next day with the included gig bag.