Harmony H400A 1x8

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These little beginner amps from the 60s have made an amazing comeback among players as a source of vintage guitar tone that's not the run-of-the-mill gear. The Harmony H400 delivers up lates 60s tube tone in a wee small package. This 3-watt wonder is loaded up with an unconventional set of tubes consisting of 35W4, 12AU6, and 50C5 tubes that give off a warm tone with a quick, buy nice break up when you roll the volume up towards the noon position. Top this off with the original Jensen Alnico 8" speaker and you've got a sweet combo for studio and small gigs that get you that tone. It's been outfitted with a 3-prong power cable (safety first!).

The techs here at EMS have gone through to make sure everything in this amp is tight, tidy, clean, and working great. It's ready for your rig and will ship out swiftly and safely!