Harmony H82 Rebel 1960's Avocado Burst

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Some of the low-budget guitars of the 1960's have withstood the test of time and proven that they can hang with the big dogs. Our eyes always light up here at EMS whenever a clean one of these Harmony guitars walk in the door.

This H82 just oozes vintage vibes. You wouldn't expect it to play like it does for a guitar that was intended to be a beginner's guitar over half a century ago, but man it plays like a dream. To better understand why it plays so well, let's get into some of the nerdy deets.

First of all, the body is constructed of maple and plywood, which doesn't sound all that special, but there is something really remarkable that only time can impart into a piece of wood. This thing is incredibly loud and resonant, even unplugged. The maple neck has a rounded "C" profile, with a thickness measuring 0.930" at the 1st fret, and 0.957" at the 12th. Not much taper to this baseball bat of a neck, but somehow it sits just so comfortably in your hands. The ebony fretboard has a radius of 10", and is topped off with a nut width of 1.74".

Now onto the electronics! This little Rebel is loaded up with a pair of DeArmond gold foil humbuckers, rated at 8.13k in the neck and 7.11k in the bridge. Instead of the usual knobs, this bad boy has a set of faders for dual volume and tone controls, and instead of a 3-way toggle switch, each pickup has its own respective on/off switch.

This guitar has obviously seen its fair share of play and use in its life, and it has a few marks to show it. Some checking in the finish, a few nicks and dings here and there, but these are all purely cosmetic, and if you ask us, they add to the vibe of this guitar rather than detract anything. At some point in its life, the tuners were replaced, but everything else on it is all original! Like all guitars here at EMS, our expert luthiers have given it a fresh setup and some fretwork to ensure that it plays to the absolute best of its potential, with precise intonation, level frets, and easy action.

It doesn't include a case, but we'll be sure to pack it up nice and tight and ship it to you safely and swiftly. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!