Headstrong Amplifiers Lil' King Reverb-Amp

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We've made it no secret in the past that we are huge fans of Headstrong amps. These handwired boutique beauties are absolutely rippin' tone macines. With the Lil' King, the sound wizards at Headstrong have painstakingly re-created one of the best small gig/rehearsal/recording amps of all time, the 1964 Princeton Reverb.

Whether you are looking for a practice amp or a portable gig amp to take on the go, the Lil King fits the bill. The original Fender came with an inefficient 10" speaker (no bueno), which has been addressed with this amp using the Eminence GB128 50 watt speaker.

Check these specs:

  • 12 Watt Tube Powered

  • 2 Tung-Sol 6V6 Power Tubes

  • 100% Hand wired

  • Tube Reverb and Tremolo

  • Finger jointed pine cabinets

  • 2-Button Footswitch

This amp is super clean and very lightly used. Snag it for your rig and we'll ship it safely, securely, and lightning fast!