Heather Brown Electronicals The Blessed Mother: Fuzz Assumption

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Your favorite matriarchy is back at it again for a mom's day special, bringing you one mother of a fuzz pedal - The Blessed Mother: Fuzz Assumption!

The unique tones of the OG Mom have been uplifted and transformed by way of the Hyperduliator: a fuzz/drive blend control that creates tones of which the Mother alone is worthy. The tonal possibilities are almost endless.

The fuzziest drive-centric combos range from thick and chewy to full-on "my speaker is dying" glory...cause sometimes the kids get a little nasty. There's also a unique gain stacking effect - overtones over overtones, no shrills or booms. But she even sounds great with the drive rolled back for that nice clean boost. Whether you're playing single coils or humbuckers, this pedal warms your sound like only a Mother could.

Put a coat on that Les Paul for a thicker, warmer fuzz effect.
Take that Tele outside for some super bright, almost overdriven fuzz.

The Fuzz Assumption comes in a custom enclosure that includes the original artwork - this time set against a matte, earthy backdrop surrounded by a vibrant burst of color. It operates on 9 volts. The heart still lights up when the pedal is engaged, and the halo has been beefed up with more and even brighter lights.

This sick pedal is very lightly used, and we'll ship it to you super fast and super safe! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!