Heerby HB 197X Fireglo Custom Bass

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Perhaps the finest copy of a Ricky we've ever had come in the shop. 

Made in the '70s, Heerby is another offshoot from the wave of Japanese lawsuits along with Burny, Greco, Ibanez, and Tokai leading the charge. 

Very rare to see, especially stateside, this is hands down the best budget 400x available on the market.

Pancake body with a walnut stripe. Beautiful checkerboard binding, and a fast rosewood fretboard with classic triangle "shark tooth" inlays.

The maple neck has a nice soft taper with a comfortable D shape, and a nice walnut stripe.

Thickness at 1st - .910, 12th - .960

12" radius and nice comfortable 1.715 nut width.

Weighing in at 8.2 lbs, electronics are all original except the tone caps have been replaced. These pickups have the bite of roundness of a vintage Rick. The neck appears to be bolt-on on the outside, but after some evaluation we found that is has also been glued! EXTRA SUSTAIN!

This bass freakin' slaps. It's got an extremely cool fitted leather case as well. Made specifically for this bass, but branded "Ibanez", which just plays more into the history of where all these lawsuits came from. 

She just got off the bench and is ready to be someones new favorite thing to talk about. We'll ship it safe and lightning fast upon payment.