Hofner 185 Artist Bass Red 1960's

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Straight outta the 60s, this solid body Hofner bass brings ya everything from thumpy McCartney tones to smooth, warm Wrecking Crew tones. 

This shiny red machine is crafted completely from maple with a 7.25" radius rosewood neck (neck width: .875"-1.03"). The thin neck is easy to get around on and makes it a great bass for walking lines or just chugging it out with a pick! It simply feels friggin' amazing.  The nut measures in at 1.71". 

The stock electronics are simple: a pair of thumpin' single coil pickups controlled by independent volume and tone pots (N: 7.04k, B: 6.89k). 

Overall this bass shows lots of signs of love and use, but come on! Cut 'im some slack. He's been holding down the lowend for like 60 years! The checking and battles scars on this guy only lend to the cool vintage vibe. This ain't no museum piece. This is a player's bass that's seen a thing or two and is ready to take the stage again. 

The pro techs here at EMS have gone over this beauty, giving a full setup and touching up the fret work. It plays and gets the job done!  The truss rod has been adjusted to its max and our techs were able to get it playing nice but it will need a refret at some point in the future.

This sweet vintage bass is ready to join your collection. Grab it for your rig and we will ship it out swiftly and safely. It does not include a case or bag but it will be packed securely and shipped the next day. 

If you have questions about this bass, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!